saving our wilderness from destruction … update

The Wilderness Society now have the Price’s Point Gas Hub proposal as their number 1 target to try and stop.

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Earlier this week, James Price Point was the main topic of discussion when ABC’s Q&A hit Perth. Bob Brown and Alannah MacTiernan both spoke eloquently about why building a gas hub in the Kimberley is a bad idea. The Premier rebutted, citing the $1.5 billion benefits package, and likening the gas factory to a ‘clean fridge’, but had no answer when presented with the popular alternative of piping the gas to existing infrastructure. Indigenous barrister Dr. Hannah McGlade added that years of mining royalties have failed to close the gap on Indigenous disadvantage in the Pilbara. Did you miss the episode? You can watch it here and make comments on our Kimberley Campainer Facebook page.

WA Environment Minster Bill Marmion last week ‘accepted in part’ 15 of the 26 grounds of appeal against the recent EPA report recommending approval of the James Price Point gas hub. It was widely reported that Marmion ‘strengthened’ the Environmental Protection Authority’s proposed conditions on the project. Sadly, this was not the case overall and certainlty not for the National Heritage dinosaur footprints. In fact, Mr Marmion stated that the dinosaur trackways (no matter how significant) that lie in the way of the proposed port precinct will “absolutely have to go”. Respected Palaeontologist, Dr. Steve Sailsbury, commented afterward that “Clearly none of these decisions are based on science – this is a political process.Read more here.

A Bill will soon be passed though Western Australian parliament legislating that only one gas hub is to be built on the Kimberley coast – to fulfil the Premier’s promise to Kimberley Traditional Custodians to restrict LNG development in the region. Unfortunately, parliamentary question time has revealed that the Bill won’t actually achieve its purpose. It has been carefully drafted so that it won’t restrict ‘unconventional’ gas from the Kimberley’s onshore Canning Basin being processed anywhere in the Kimberley. Tom Stephens MP (ALP Member for Pilbara and first CEO of the Kimberley Land Council: pictured right) made some interesting comments on the subject:

“My natural inclination is to say that the Kimberley will be the poorer for the advancement of this particular project. There is hardly any community life left in the Pilbara. The resource sector has constructed itself in a way that is destructive of human existence in regions such as the Pilbara and, I predict, also in the Kimberley. Aboriginal people are not easily attracted to surrender their close connection to their partners, their family and their communities in order to take up jobs in the resource sector, with its 12-hour shifts that are hell-bent on largely fly in, fly out operations rather than building up real work opportunities for people who value their wives, partners, kids, families and communities.” Read more here. If you would like to thank Mr. Stephens for his statements please email him.

Events around the country:


Fremantle Festival Parade (This Sunday – 11 Nov, 2012) Join Perth volunteers and supporters for a march through Fremantle with our giant inflatable whale; email Mel to get invovled!

Kimberley Science Forum (Next Wed – 14 Nov, 2012) Hear about the latest research from James Price Point on dolphins, bilbies, whales and dinosaurs – there will even be a skype Q&A session with Dr. Steve Sailsbury! RSVP (08) 9420 7255

Kimberley Short Film Festival (Tues 27 Nov, 2012) Join us for a range of short films about the Kimberley campaign, which tell the story of the fight to stop a gas hub from being built at James Price Point. This is a fundraiser, so bring your friends to meet some of the film makers on the night! RSVP (08) 94207255


Festival for the Kimberley (Fri 22 Feb, 2013) Volunteers needed! Please email Kaine.

Thanks for your support,

The National Kimberley team: Peter, Jenita & Mel (Perth), Glen & Kaine (Sydney) and Jaxon (Melbourne)

P.S. If you haven’t already, TAKE ACTION and complete the latest Kimberley Campaigner task  in support of the Broome community. Also check out the Concert for the Kimberley one last time!

The most important paleontology site in the world is under threat of destruction. The Minister said “they will have to go”. Just like the rock art and hieroglyphics at the Burrup peninsula.

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