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Senator Brandis and the case against Gillard …

Just shocking isn’t it. No, not the content of the interview, because we already knopw all the details, but the tone of questioning of Senator Brandis QC. Not at all like the way the Canberra Press Gallery, and the Labor  … Continue reading

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winning with science …

WA Chemistry Prof wins Aminoff prize for molecule research The program, called CrystalExplorer, can then generate a theoretical boundary around each molecule in the crystal matrix—effectively showing where one ends and the next one begins. Image: CrystalExplorer A UNIVERSITY of … Continue reading

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of course …

Laws are for the little people: SUSAN RICE HAS INVESTMENTS with companies doing business with Iran. Posted at 4:42 pm by Glenn Reynolds

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pre-empting the scaremongers …

You just know the next lot of ‘extreme’ weather will get blamed on CO2 by the warming ideologues. Forget the fact it hasn’t warmed for nearly 20 years, except in their adjusted graphs: California Extreme Super Flood Posted on 29 November … Continue reading

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ruining the environment … to save it?

We can hope Burke does the right thing for Broome and listen to scientific advice that he has so far avoided. He certainly did not listen to real advice here: My Submission to the Murray Darling Basin Authority from Dr. … Continue reading

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travesty of science … destroying 130 million year old heritage

See update at bottom of post! Dinosaur trackways found along the coast from Broome to Cape Leveque are some of the largest and most unique species found anywhere. This 200 km of coastline contains Broome Sandstone, a thousand and more … Continue reading

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Was Gillard the ‘mastermind’? … the AWU scandal

At the risk of being called a ‘Conspiracy theorist’ in pajamas, the AWU fraud scandal is complex and intriguing. There are new players emerging almost daily, with new information about deals and actions, some of which defy belief: this one … Continue reading

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batterymaker bankrupted …

Another pocket-liner bankrupted using Green stimulus taxpayer funding, a battery maker called ReVolt Technology. Relocated to Oregon from Switzerland, should have gone to Las Vegas says WUWT. The little-reported bankruptcy of a relatively small electric vehicle battery manufacturer last month … Continue reading

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scaremongers on acid … pH fluctuating, actually

Greenie Watch brings us the realities of trippers everywhere, but there is the true story, not the scary ones: The real cause of variations in oceanic Ph (“acidity”) Warmists talk as if there is one level of Ph for all … Continue reading

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cooling off …

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