Fairfax says “Gillard is lying” …

Wonders will never cease. A Fairfax publication reports that Gillard is a liar. Michael Smith once again is on the trail of what looks like a litany of lies, fraud and corruption that is centered on Prime Minister Julia Gillard:

The AWU Scandal – Piece by piece the protection of lies is dissolving

We’ve been told so many times, by so many people, with so much evidence.

The message is this – Julia Gillard is lying, today, about the AWU-WRA.

Mark Baker has this story today in The Age and other Fairfax newspapers.

Gillard’s account of union slush fund rejected […]

Read it all, documents included.

More still, and a current judge is a part of the story:

Judge Murphy & PM Gillard – Managing Partner Peter Gordon’s initial draft statement – sent to Nick Styant-Browne in the week of 14 August this year and released to The Australian newspaper

I think this statement is a very important contribution to the nation’s complete understanding of what happened at Slater and Gordon during Ms Gillard and Mr Murphy’s time there.

Keep in mind that the Gillard Government has appointed Bernard Murphy as a Judge of the Federal Court […]

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