c3 headlines for today …

32 Days Until Election, Nov. 6, 2012: The Headlines

Green Fail: TheUSDA is supposed to promote farmers and ranchers products – instead, promote “meatless Mondays” per UN’s obsession with greenhouse gases

The Election: The night Obama killed liberalism – hmmm…he’s been doing that for 4 years

The Election: Crazed MSNBC host comes unglued, again – “Chris Matthews Freaks Out At Obama: “What Was He Doing?””

Polls & Surveys: CNN suvery says Romney crushed Obama in first debate – 67% of Americans surveyed

Biased Media: 5 major Obama scandals that lapdog press tries to ignore, 24/7

Crony Capitalism: Electric car charger company relies on lobbying to get Obama subsidies – political clout pays dividends

Left/Liberal/Progressive Hate: Roseanne Barr wishes cancer on Chick-Fil-A customers

Left/Liberal/Progressive Policies: Chicago’s Democrat mayor embraces anti-gay, Muslim Farrakhan – but rejects Chick-fil-A because of owner’s religious beliefs

Obamanomics: His policies have failed and it’s okay to elect a replacement – the same as we elected Reagan to keep Carter from doing any more damage

Obamanomics: Government wants to establish a new criminal offense law – sharing information about the concrete business would become felony

Obamanomics: Obama lies on Twitter about his helping small businesses – Twitter backlash results

ObamacareTax: Death panels are coming to help you – New England Journal of Medicine confirms that death will be pushed to save costs (another indirect but deadly tax)

Corrupt Govt: Obama administration maintains nepotism policies at Justice Dept. – violations are found to be ‘egregious’

Govt Cover Up: One of Obama’s top donors avoids prosecution by Justice Dept. – the man who bankrupted MF Global is being protected

Gun-Control: Democrat Party executive says Obama wants reinstatement of assault weapons ban

Education Fail: Crappy public education in big metro areas losing enrollment rapidly – parents are voting for charter schools with their wallets

Other News/Helpful Ideas: How to protect your Android phone from the snoopers and trackers

Other News/Helpful Ideas: Pharmaceutical Drugs are 62,000 Times More Likely to Kill You than Supplements?

Other News/Helpful Ideas: Evidence grows that hair dyes can cause cancer

About Tom Harley

Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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