Catastrophe called off …

German Academy Of Sciences And Engineering Calls Off Climate Catastrophe – Coping Will Not Be A Problem

The print edition of Der Spiegel this week has a short article that tells us what every sober person in Germany already knows: coping with climate change here will not pose any difficult challenges.

In fact we know this to be the case for the rest of the world, unless of course the climate veers into another ice age like situation. The above conclusion was reached by the German Academy of Sciences and Engineering (Acatech) in a study commissioned by the German Federal government. According to Acatech President Reinhard Hüttl:

“No climate conditions are going to occur here that already do not exist on the globe elsewhere and that we cannot cope with.”

Worse for the climate alarmists, the report goes on to say that warming will even bring benefits along with it, such as longer growing seasons and reduced wintertime heating costs. Readers should note that typical Germans heat their homes about 8 months per year.

Now we know that for some people bedwetting is a tough habit to break, and so we hope this latest news will help put some of the less chronic among us on the path to recovery.

Concerning rising sea levels, the scientists say that this ought to be an important concern, but “the scientists reject horror scenarios”. The scientists add:

“A climate-related mass migration to Germany appears improbable.”

People of normal psychological balance would of course be relieved to hear this good news. But in catastrophe-obsessed Germany, this is unfortunately not the norm, rather it’s the exception. A number of scientists, bent on spreading fear, are angered by this good-news conclusion. Spiegel writes:

“There was a dispute about the reliability of climate prognoses. Because of the involvement of RWE Innogy supervisory board chairman Fritz Vahrenholt (Social Democrat Party), four scientists resigned from the Committee. The former Senator of Environment of Hamburg accused established climate science of exaggerating man’s share in causing climate change.”

Fritz Vahrenholt is a professor of chemistry and co-author of the controversial skeptic book Die kalte Sonne. It’s tough when people no longer want to play along with the alarmist hoax.


About Tom Harley

Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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