Water supply for Broome threatened …

Woodside’s lack of scientific input in the Environmental Assessment is mind-boggling to say the least. Missing species of flora and fauna in both marine and land environments, ‘miscounting’ rare and endangered species, misinterpreting the value of the dinosaur footprints, the brand and social surroundings of the area, they did nothing to assure the safety of Broome’s water supply.

Not to omit the fact Broome’s aquifer is also pumping water and sending it to Barrow Island by ship.

Peter Hansford:

Dear Campaigners,

 As some of you know I am attempting to develop an energy future for the Kimberley that delivers local jobs and economic and social benefits for communities across the Kimberley but respects the environment and the broad community desire for sustainable development. A series of community solar projects will not destroy critical habitat, will not add to climate change and will not lead to income from projects being spirited away to foreign shareholders.

 Communities across Australia are seeking control of the energy and carbon future and the battle to save James Price Point is therefore increasingly seen as critical.

 Geoffrey Cousins described the EPA decision to approve the project as “unconscionable” given the conflicts of interest of the advisory panel and board. It is, in my view,  equally unbelievable that such a decision can be made without reference to hydro geological studies.

 Like many of you, we have attempted to educate our friends as to the importance of this battle and where possible have taken visitors to the proposed site.

One of our recent visitors is the Senior Hydro-geologist with a major Australian engineering consultancy.

 Since visiting the Dampier Peninsular in July, and after undertaking some private research (via the Strategic Assessment Report) on servicing the Gas Hub with the 8000 million litres of water per annum and the potential impacts on the local town water supply, he believes that the extraction from the nearby aquifer will seriously threaten Broome’s water supply and other waters supplies which hang off the Broome Sandstone. 

 I have attached a copy of his informal report for your info. I hope this might be useful.

 Let me know if, when and how you might wish to use this.

If we want an energy future that delivers economic development, local jobs and revenues for closing the gap for the regions indigenous groups, without destroying critical habitat –Lets build big solar.


 Peter Hansford

Addendum: Of course I have issues with people in regards to including climate change and carbon in the debate. The next Australian Government has correctly pledged to throw out all current carbon tax legislation. The carbon debate is being slowly won in favor of science and scepticism. The ideologues on this issue will continue to cry wolf in the meantime, but dealing with a Conservative Government will achieve a better result if this topic is abandoned. Solar power does have a use though in remote areas.

About Tom Harley

Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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