visiting whales … and the “Steve Irwin”

Most traditional elders who voted for the gas hub to proceed are not from Walmadan. It would be like Goolarabooloo voting to the selling off of Kooljaman Resort at Cape Leveque, or Gantheaume Point, Broome. 100% of the Goolarabooloo mob have always said no.

The ABC leave out this part of the Woodside LNG refinery story. Former Greens leader Bob Brown was invited by Goolarabooloo.

The Steve Irwin has just arrived back in Sydney.

Protesters spot whales close to gas hub site

By Jake Sturmer

Updated Tue Aug 7, 2012 1:56pm AEST

Protesters on board a ship campaigning against a proposed gas hub in Western Australia say they have spotted several humpback whales and their calves near the site off the Kimberley coast.

The anti-whaling protest group Sea Shepherd has sent a ship, the ‘Steve Irwin’, to James Price Point, just north of Broome.

It is where oil and gas company Woodside wants to put a gas processing project worth more than $30 billion.

Environmentalists say it would destroy the coastline.

Those on board say they have seen several humpback whales and calves just south of the proposed site.

The region is home to one of the southern hemisphere’s largest humpback whale calving grounds.

Woodside says it is confident it can manage and minimise any potential risks to the whales.

The State Government has created a marine park several hundred kilometres north of Broome to protect the whales but Sea Shepherd says that is not enough.

The former Greens leader Bob Brown is among the environmentalists who is on board to support the protest against the hub.

Yesterday, he met the majority of traditional owners who voted for the project in return for a $1.5 billion compensation package.

“And, we will just have a disagreement about this plan,” he said.

Warren Greatorex represents the traditional owners the majority of which support the hub and yesterday met Mr Brown.

“There were some points we had to agree to disagree,” he said.


Kerry Firkin shared Sea Shepherd Australia‘s photo.
Yesterday’s Beach Clean Up for the Whales in Manly, Sea Shepherd onshore and ship crew, the Two Hands Project, Stacey Demarco and members of The 5000.

Many thanks to everyone who attended and helped make this day a big success!

Photo via Deborah Dickson-SmithThe Wilderness Society NSW‘s photo.

Come see the Sea Shepherd and rally to save the Kimberley! 11am this Sunday, Circular Quay!

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