ABC bias … not helping Labor in any shape or form

Please find below an opinion piece written by Senator Joyce published in The Canberra Times 30 August 2012

Free ads but left sees few buying

Monday night on ABC Televison is as good as public sponsorship for the left gets. Your ABC for their four-hour piece to camera.

Q&A coming from the Melbourne Book Festival somehow got on to abortion and stuck into religion, while Lateline opened up with animal liberation in the kangaroo industry.

Give me a break; do not complain about radio shock jocks if this is the balanced informed alternative. The lauding of alternative narcissism as proclaimed by Germaine Greer is what I see when turning on the TV after arriving back from Moree.

The warm-up act is the Sunday political spot, which has gone from Insiders to Leftsiders. David Marr is the totally predictable, unapologetic, inner suburban, over-reaching, condescending lefty; basking in the collective glow of the inner suburb tenement illuminati and fulfilling the job description of former Hawke staffer Barry Cassidy.

I don’t mind crazy left. I mean it is a dull party without some pseudo intellectual bleeding all over your floor about some eminent reason that we vest private enterprise and ownership to the state while listening to how they rose to their personal struggle at the local Catholic school only just making it into comfortable post-Macquarie Uni Surry Hills.

Having Barry Cassidy fill a whole hour of it is like modern art.

Social policy of the left is best portrayed not so much by the Labor Left, because the Labor Left have been walked into the carpet by the Right after the reintroduction of a large section of John Howard’s boat policy, but by the Greens.

The left’s policy on immigration does not put up any substantial deterrent to underwrite the integrity of our borders. The issue of borders is not high on their agenda as they see them as an anachronism to support the social status quo.

The Greens continually promote in the Senate motions that usurp the role of our domestic legislature by supporting a plethora of international treaties. Treaties that those elsewhere who formulated them might well be questioned on their desire to fulfil them such as Robert Mugabe’s appointment as a Tourism Ambassador for the UN’s World Tourism Organisation.

It is always the same; target individual guilt and assuage it by a call to arms on a cathartic agenda such as getting worked up that animals have the same rights as people, and of course the quid pro quo is that people are no more than animals. The bonus sugar cube is to state that social mores are archaic, and as we are no more than animals, they can be put aside at no social cost.

The left do not care about the current social structure because it has to be reorganised to help those who have been overlooked, especially those of unrecognised genius of the political left who deserve the right to run society.

Economics also needs to be reorganised on a new calibration of a left quasi religious moralism and what better way than a carbon tax.

The more you are a benefactor of energy, the source of modern society’s progress, the more evil you are. You must accept their form of economic reorganisation or the world will apparently end and they have an international forum to back that view.

For the left it is essential that there be an unambiguous conformity in determining the education syllabus.

Variety brings choice, competition and the obvious display of deficiencies in the delivery of the regiment of basic education building blocks.

In the new paradigm every child is not to be persecuted by calibration; they are all above average in their own special way. This also deals with that other trifle; educating them.

There are no wrong answers, instead we just concentrate more on modern dance as the child expresses in movement the colour “blue”.

Titian and Whiteley are equivalent in talent. Shakespeare and F. L. James are both literary giants and the members of Pussy Riot are amongst the century’s great freedom fighters.

A skerrick of truth is used as grit in the sandpaper that takes us back to a base banality that is “beautiful in its ugliness”.

Now the left gospel on the carbon tax, that was indissoluble in all its tenets, has just had its episcopal purity tarnished possibly because of the encouraging poll response to dropping the opposition to Nauru.

Dropping left policies is good if you want to score above 30 out of 100.

What will the ABC say if Labor continues right toward Coalition policies?

Barnaby Joyce is the Nationals’ Senate leader and the opposition spokesman on regional development, local government and water.

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