travesty of wind and solar …

Climate Audit’s Steve McIntyre: Climate policy crippled by pointless feel-good gestures…

More here:

McIntyre’s talk in London – Plus, the UK’s tilting at windmills may actually increase CO2 emissions over natural gas

UK’s Burbo Bank wind farm – pink flamingos of folly – Image Wikipedia

At The Register, Andrew Orlowski attended the talk and has a news article describing Steve McIntyre’s talk at the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, which was an event hosted by the Global Warming Policy Foundation.

McIntyre’s statement on wind power is interesting:

The entire rationale of policy in US and Europe has been to ignore what’s happening in China and India and hope that petty acts of virtuous behaviour in both countries will cure the problem,” he said. “Even if you install windmills you’re not going to change the trend of overall CO2 emissions.”

Actually, it is worse than that. As Bishop Hill reports, it turns out that windmills in the UK at net positive for CO2 emissions. He writes: Continue reading

This from Joanne Nova tells the final part of the story, wind and solar are useless on a global scale.

How much electricity do solar and wind make on a global scale? Answer: “Not much”

Gas is better:

gas fired power station

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