counting whales … counting on whales

Red Broome shared Sea Shepherd Australia‘s photo.
The Steve Irwin is today again at Walmadan, James Price Point, to show the world what’s going to be lost if the Woodside Gas Hub development goes ahead. This is the largest Humpback Whale nursery in the world, and Sea Shepherd is here to protect it

  • gee another whale within 8 kilometre of the coastline, I wonder if the woodside whale surveyors actually took the lens caps off their binoculars…

    An estimated 8,600 plus whales have already swum past James Price point since July the first according to the group observing and counting whales onshore. A few more weeks of whales passing by, many heading North through the Lacepede Channel, a narrow proposed shipping lane for Woodside’s LNG.

    Then the whole lot will then swim past again on their way back to the Antarctic to take their chances against the Japanese Whaling fleet for the summer, again under escort by the M/V “Steve Irwin”.

    When the whales finish, tens of thousands of Green turtles and a few thousand Loggerhead turtles share the same waters, heading for the breeding ground sandy beaches of the Lacepede Islands and the Dampier Peninsula. Not a place for super tankers. Not cut off by a 6km seawall. Not a place for millions of tonnes of dredging spoil.

    Alternatives for Woodside are a floating platform similar to ones proposed by themselves for the Sunrise Field or Shell at the Browse Field, or they can pipe it to their Pluto Refinery in the Pilbara.

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Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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