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the final cure …

Brass Doorknobs, Flu, and MRSA Posted on 28 August 2012 Admission time….

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visiting whales … and the “Steve Irwin”

Most traditional elders who voted for the gas hub to proceed are not from Walmadan. It would be like Goolarabooloo voting to the selling off of Kooljaman Resort at Cape Leveque, or Gantheaume Point, Broome. 100% of the Goolarabooloo mob … Continue reading

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access denied … flora destroyed

Woodside’s efforts to build the largest LNG refinery in the world here will not only destroy much of the rare flora and fauna at Price’s Point, but will also deny access to much more. Pictured below is a part of … Continue reading

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masterful performance from a veteran actor …

Eastwood Turns in a Performance to Remember at RNC by Bridget Johnson A Hollywood legend, an empty chair, and a teleprompter for an invisible incumbent.

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consensus astroscience at the CSIRO …

Doomed Planet Bob Carter Bumper week for climateers We have just seen two more reports about global warming from government agencies – and two more lost opportunities to detail a sensible climate policy More…

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cooling, warming? … it’s just weather

Flashback 1974 – Der Spiegel: ‘Temperatures Over Last 20 Years Have Dropped Faster Than At Anytime In The Last 1000 Years’ — Blamed expanding deserts on man-made cooling

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not CO2 … never was, except in UN’s left eyes

New blockbuster paper finds man-made CO2 is not the driver of global warming   An important new paper published today in Global and Planetary Change finds that changes in CO2 follow rather than lead global air surface temperature and that … Continue reading

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cure for malaria? …

A VACCINE WOULD BE BETTER, BUT THIS IS GOOD: University of Cape Town Researchers Believe They Have Found a Single Dose Cure for Malaria. “Unlike conventional multidrug malaria treatments that the malaria parasite has become resistant to, Professor Kelly Chibale … Continue reading

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medical ‘miracles’ …

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Chocolate may protect the brain from stroke. Perhaps I’ll have a bit, with tonight’s glass of red wine. You can’t be too careful with your health, you know. Posted at 1:30 pm by Glenn Reynolds A … Continue reading

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memory loss of K Rudd … or wilfull rewriting of history

Rudd’s Whitlam: author of the Liberals’ greatest hits

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