Underwater Garden …

The seas off James Price Point contain an amazing array of flora and fauna. My first attention to it in my fishing days was to look at the boat’s echo sounder in amazement. You can tell without diving that the bottom represented something special. A veritable underwater ‘Garden of Eden’.

It is no accident a new species of Miniature Spinning Dolphin has just been discovered here.

It is no accident a new species of Snubfinned Dolphins were found here a few years ago.

It is no accident Dugong are found here, along with Green turtles and Loggerhead turtles.

No wonder Humpback Whales are here in huge numbers right now, calving, mating or just resting. The water is cold, and strong offshore Easterlies each morning keep the seas oxygenated and flat. There are no swells at this time of year.

It is no accident Sailfish in huge numbers along with Marlin and Spanish Mackerel are here too.

This was also one of the original Pearl Oyster habitats found by divers over 100 years ago. There is a Broome Pearl Farm nearby now.

Environs Kimberley‘s photo.

Great Barrier Reef? No, James Price Point, proposed to be destroyed for Woodside’s port.

Seas off James Price Point

And not forgetting a coastline of intertidal dinosaur trackways by the thousand, including at least 17 new species.

About Tom Harley

Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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