The pseudoscience disease…ideology trumping real science

This disease is rife in Australia as seen on the latest propaganda from Australian Institutions.

This Is What Pseudoscience Looks Like

by Rand Simberg

A mighty wind of illogic is blowing...

a small excerpt:

“This is what global warming looks like.” Expect to hear a lot of that theme in the coming days.

“This is what global warming looks like” — despite the fact that, in the case of the fires, it’s actually what decades of government mismanagement and anti-human environmental extremism look like.

But also recall that this is the same Kevin Trenberth who, in October of 2009, expressed his frustration in a leaked email to Michael Mann that the darned planet just would not cooperate with his hysterical prognostications:


How climate science is done

Check out the list of contributors…ideology unleashed. Then there is this piece from the same University, posted yesterday.

UPDATE: How science is done…in the real world, 

This is what global cooling really looks like – new tree ring study shows 2000 years of cooling – previous studies underestimated temperatures of Roman and Medieval Warm Periods

Since Princeton’s Dr. Michael Oppenheimer conflated weather with climate last week, proclaiming a short lived heat wave as “This is what global warming really looks like” in a media interview, it seems only fair to show what real science rather than what he and Dr. Trenberth’s government funded advocacy looks like. I can’t wait to see how Dr. Michael Mann tries to poo-poo this one. – Anthony

From Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz: Climate in northern Europe reconstructed for the past 2,000 years: Cooling trend calculated precisely for the first time

Calculations prepared by Mainz scientists will also influence the way current climate change is perceived / Publication of results in Nature Climate Change

The reconstruction provides a high-resolution representation of temperature patterns in the Roman and Medieval warm periods, but also shows the cold phases that occurred during the Migration Period and the later Little Ice Age. – Click to enlarge

Read it all…

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