‘Josef’ Conroy and the failed left media…

Flanagan must be a communist, or maybe just a bit sloppy

Don’t let Labor control what you read

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has let power go to his head. He is a menace to free speech, and we should be grateful some of his colleagues seem now to see it:…read it all


Media companies are also moving against the plan out of concern that it would restrict free speech. “For the government, this is about wanting to control the media for their own ends,” said one media executive.

Does Labor really want to go into the next election with journalists like me thinking that their freedom hangs on the defeat of a Labor Government?

Andrew Bolt June 30 2012 (9:55am)

Free speech


To fight for a free media, join the IPA’s campaign.

A ‘Bolta’ PS:

Flanagan trembles:

Any national media reflects the national mind. Within a few years, we could have a national mind dominated by Rupert Murdoch, Gina Rinehart, talkback radio hosts and tabloid newspaper columnists.

Well, Martin, the only way that could happen is if the Left failed to engage the public with its ideas, its evidence, its wit and its passion. It’s an open market out there. The public can chose to read you or to read me, and to be swayed by either or neither.

If you fail, you lose.

But trust me: with the Left still dominant in the ABC, SBS, Australia Council, universities, Fairfax, publically-funded think-tanks, journalist union, Canberra press gallery, Anglican bishops’ conventions, writers festivals and, indeed, even the newrooms of most of the papers and TV stations owned by wicked Right-wing oligarchs, you’ve got such a head start, that you’d have to be pretty bad to lose it from here.

Wouldn’t you?


Professor Bunyip measures six inches more of Age self-absorption, with much the same disdain for fact and logic.

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