Gillard lectures G20…Oz Business investors disagree

ASX keeps on weakening compared to the DOW

June 20th, 2012 by Warwick Hughes

Back in February I posted “Australian national wealth eaten away by unpopularity of our GreenLabor Government” – and doing an update today I see the difference between the DOW and ASX has continued to widen.

ASX investors must have a horselaugh to hear our Government ministers and the Prime Minister bragging to the world about how great our economy is.
Hear is the DOW minus ASX difference charted.

Many ASX investors are simply voting with their wallets.

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And the G20 result? Brilliant, just what Gillard wanted…

G20 happy to think about possibly acting. Maybe

Andrew Bolt June 22 2012 (7:23am)

Wow. The G20 meeting was a stunning success, well worth the Prime Minister’s time:

In the end, the agreed form of words was that the G20 European members would ”support the intention to consider concrete steps towards more integrated financial architecture”.

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