McIntyre wins…but still no data from pseudoscientists (shamed and named).

Big Mistake, Gergis, don’t cross the auditor…

Australian scientists refuse access to data

Saturday, 2 June 2012 12:45 pm · 16 comments

by Simon


Recently ACM wrote of the recent paper by climate activist, sorry, scientist, Joelle Gergis (see here: Hockey Stick lives! In Australia, apparently…) which allegedly showed the last 50 years in Australia were hotter than any other period in the past 1000 years, just like Michael Mann’s hockey stick.

Gergis used to have a WordPress blog which revealed her true activist side, but guess what? It’s been deleted! Image at end of post. Unfortunately, some really annoying blogger at ACM decided to preserve it in Webcite, so you can see it here, and her bio here.

Bishop Hill reports that Steve McIntyre’s requests for data have been met with snotty and offhand refusals:

Steve McIntyre’s latest post seems to me to be of huge importance. The refusal by Joelle Gergis and colleagues to release data behind their paper follows on behind similar refusals from authors in the same clique – principally Raphael Neukom. This stonewalling of reasonable requests represents yet another blow at the credibility of paleoclimate. To make things worse, the credibility of the Gergis paper is shattered by the revelation that it is based on circular reasoning – a fallacy that has been repeatedly noted in paleoclimate papers, yet one which is constantly given the seal of approval by peer reviewers in the field.

Despite the refusal of authors in the Gergis-Neukom clique to release data, as thing stand the IPCC will allow their work to be cited in the Fifth Assessment Report. This seems to me to be a ringing endorsement of pseudoscience. (source)

Gergis’ charming final words to McIntyre:

We will not be entertaining any further correspondence on the matter.

That’s the spirit. Trust us, we’re scientists. If you want the data, it’s available somewhere else – maybe.

UPDATE from the post on Climate Audit, “Name and Shame”…

Update: 12>30 am:
Joelle Gergis has responded blowing off my request. She says that I should try to get the unarchived data from the original authors, saying snottily that this is “commonly called ‘research’” and that they “will not be entertaining further correspondence” on the matter.

Mr McIntyre

We have already archived all the records needed to replicate the analysis presented in our Journal of Climate paper with NOAA’s World Data Center for Palaeoclimatology:

While the vast majority of the records contained in the full Australasian network are already lodged with NOAA, some records are not yet publically available. Some groups are still publishing their work, others have only released their data for use in a particular study and so on.

The compilation of this database represents years of our research effort based on the development of our professional networks. We risk damaging our work relationships by releasing other people’s records against their wishes. Clearly this is something that we are not prepared to do.

We have, however, provided an extensive contact list of all data contributors in the supplementary section of our recent study ‘Southern Hemisphere high-resolution palaeoclimate records of the last 2000 years’ published in The Holocene (Table S3):

This list allows any researcher who wants to access non publically available records to follow the appropriate protocol of contacting the original authors to obtain the necessary permission to use the record, take the time needed to process the data into a format suitable for data analysis etc, just as we have done. This is commonly referred to as ‘research’.

We will not be entertaining any further correspondence on the matter.



Dr Joelle Gergis
Climate Research Fellow

UPDATE: For the record, I have had totally the opposite experience with Fredrik Ljungqvist. I’ve contacted him in the past and re-contacted him today. He has been promptly helpful and consistently cordial.


One of the coauthors, Ailie Gallant, was a featured performer in the recent We Are Climate Scientists anthem, with her cameos occurring during the memorable declaration:

We’re climate scientists. What we speak is true. Unlike Andrew Bolt, our work is peer reviewed. Haaaa…

None of the data for the earlier articles was archived. Or, more accurately, it was archived in a secret Swiss databank only...

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