Canadian Steven McIntyre…for the Nobel Prize?

Well Gore and Co won it for inventing the hockey stick. That’s right, remember Al Gore?

The Death of the Hockey Stick?

by Rand Simberg

The iconic symbol of the global warming panic may have taken a hit from which it will never recover.

He concludes: But at a minimum it should be the final blow to the hockey stick, and perhaps to the very notion that bristlecone pines and larches are accurate thermometers. It should also be a final blow to the credibility of many of the leading lights of climate “science,” but based on history, it probably won’t be, at least among the political class. What it really should be is the beginning of the major housecleaning necessary if the field is to have any scientific credibility, but that may have to await a general reformation of academia itself. It would help, though, if we get a new government next year that cuts off funding to such charlatans, and the institutions that whitewash their unscientific behavior.
Which means he should at least win the Peace Prize, or better still Mathematics, as it his auditing in the field of statistics that has unravelled these climate ‘scientists’.
Here is more at Climate Audit : 

New Data from Hantemirov

May 15, 2012 – 7:31 AM

Yesterday, I received updated Yamal data (to 2005) from Rashit Hantemirov, together with a cordial cover note. As CA and other readers know, Hantemirov had also promptly sent me data for Hantemirov and Shiyatov 2002. There are 120 cores in the data set, which comes up to 2005. I’ve calculated a chronology from this information – see below. Read More »

And a rebuttal to critics: Schmidt’s “Conspiracy Theory”

With apologies to the ‘calm and calculated’ Steven McIntyre, who will probably think my suggestion is over the top…

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3 Responses to Canadian Steven McIntyre…for the Nobel Prize?

  1. klem says:

    When we look back at these years, many climate alarmists will deny they ever were alarmists, they will act like it never happened. And McIntyre will be viewed as a hero of science, which is what he is.

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