media…propping up government

“I would like to thank the media shills for their undying support for Labor. It has helped to cause their demise. What’s more, it’s probably too late for any change to work now.” This is probably what Liberal leader Tony Abbott would like to say after the next election, whenever that happens.

Can someone explain to these political shills what they have done?


Michelle Grattan is alarmed that the impending landslide will spoil the balance between the parties that is required for a healthy democracy.

Even those anxious to get rid of the Labor government should acknowledge it might be best to have a robust opposition to face an Abbott government.
Imagine if all the ALP shills in the  media had done good old fashioned reporting on what was actually happening under ALP rule across the country. Instead of propping them up as if they were doing  just fine as long as they kept winning elections.

Can someone explain to the likes of Grattan and Oakes that a healthy democracy needs frank and fearless reporting, “speaking truth to power”, as the saying goes? And free speech.

Pity we can’t have a cleanout of  journalists from time to time as well.

UPDATE. In the meantime we need more of this, Gerard Henderson’s Media Watchdog.

Written by Poor Old Rafe

May 4th, 2012 at 4:10 pm

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One Response to media…propping up government

  1. The media have sold out, they fear they will be shut down if they do not tow the party line.In a dictatorship the first thing to die is the free press!

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