Fossil coelacanth discovery

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This video says about itself:

A team of divers off the coast of South Africa comes face to face with a Coelacanth.

By Adrian Bishop:

Fossil fish: Rebellatrix the ‘rebel coelacanth’

02 May 2012 19:0:0 GMT

A new ancient killer fish fossil found in Canada has been described for the first time. The extinct species of ‘rebel coelacanths’ is thought to have been a quick-swimming predator with a forked tail like that of a tuna. Coelacanths were dubbed ‘living fossils’ after they were thought to be extinct, but one was discovered in 1938 in South Africa.

The living coelacanths are slow swimmers with strange triple-lobed broad tails, unlike the shark-like three-foot fish, which lived around 240 million years ago.

Dr John Long, from the Natural History Museum of LA County, Los Angeles, who is a fish fossil expert, but did not contribute to the study, says, “This…

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