How You Can Confirm the SST Anomalies for the Indian and Pacific Ocean Subset have NOT WARMED for 17 Years

Bob Tisdale - Climate Observations

One of the regular visitors to my blog from Australia (Neville) has asked how readers can confirm the key result of yesterday’s post here at Climate Observations, which was also cross posted at WattsUpWithThat. That post showed that satellite-based sea surface temperature anomalies (Reynolds OI.v2 dataset) for the Indian and Pacific Oceans, when combined into one subset, Figure 1, show no warming for the past 17+ years—that is, the linear trend is basically flat since January 1995. And considering the Indian and Pacific Oceans from pole to pole represent 75% of the surface area of the global oceans, that’s a chunk of global real estate that contradicts the hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming.

Figure 1

Thanks, Neville, for prompting this post.

So, assuming you can create a time-series graph on a spreadsheet and have the spreadsheet create a linear trend line and equation for you, the following screen…

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