Your threatened free speech…or mine

Turnbull on the latest attack on free speech

The Opposition’s communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull defends free speech from the latest threat:

The Convergence Review’s Final Report into regulation of the media is exactly what Australians should have expected from an inquiry set up by this Labor Government – a recipe for more intrusive regulation of speech, new rules about what content should be broadcast when, and an enlarged role for the public sector…

On content, the Review’s fundamental premise appears to be a firm conviction that it (and by implication the Government) knows better than existing media outlets, the marketplace or consumers what material should be delivered to Australians.

How else to explain its recommendations that:


· “The government should create and partly fund a new converged content production fund to support the production of Australian content.”· “Content service enterprises that meet defined service and scale thresholds should be required to invest a percentage of their total revenue from professional television-like content in the production of Australian drama, documentary or children’s content or, where this is not practicable, contribute to a new converged content production fund.”

· Australian local content quotas currently applicable to analogue radio stations should be extended to digital radio.

· The 55 per cent Australian content quota currently applied to commercial TV during prime time should also be imposed on the ABC.

· “There should be a 50 per cent increase in Australian sub-quota content obligations for drama, documentary and children’s content to reflect the two additional channels each broadcaster currently operates that do not attract any quotas.”

These requirements would impose an additional financial burden on enterprises which in many cases are struggling to remain profitable and viable....

Bottom line:

How many Australians would trust Julia Gillard to determine whether a media merger is in the national interest?  Me? NEVER

Andrew Bolt April 30 2012 (7:35pm)

Free speech

Catallaxy Files has more.

My solution to free speech: Sell the ABC to the highest bidder, then the SBS. If you don’t like it or trust it, don’t buy, watch or read it.

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