Internet/blog peer review…paper falls short


Patrick Michaels: The Dinosaur Media Prematurely Bury Climate Warming Skeptics — Again

The dinosaur media are—yet again—reporting the death of climate skeptics because of the latest, greatest paper published by Nature magazine. Increases of dreaded carbon dioxide appear to have preceded the warming that initiated human civilization.


More sloppiness (polite term) found in the latest pride of “Nature” magazine

Nature” magazine recently announced with great fanfare that if you ignored those pesky ice-core records from Antarctica, then the last deglaciation was PRECEDED by a CO2 rise — which is necessary if you are to claim that CO2 CAUSED the warming.

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Willis Eschenbach: Shakun Redux: Master tricksed us! I told you he was tricksy!

The quote above is from Lord of the Rings, an exchange between Gollum and Smeagol, and it encapsulates my latest results from looking into the Shakun 2012 paper, “Global warming preceded by increasing carbon dioxide concentrations during the last deglaciation” (paywalled, at Nature hereinafter Shakun2012).

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And still another:

Did Shakun et al. really prove that CO2 preceded late glacial warming? [Part 1]

By Don J. Easterbrook, PhD.


Antarctica Is A Very Smart Place

According to the latest research from top Ivy League expert Dr. Shakun, Antarctica is able to anticipate changes in CO2 several hundred years in advance, and preemptively adjust its thermostat long before the CO2 decides to spontaneously increase or decrease.

CO2 found it frustrating at first that Antarctica always anticipated his moves, until Dr. Shakun explained to him that this mysterious teleconnection proves that CO2 controls the universe.

You know that science has reached a pinnacle, when scientists embark on a study who’s primary purpose is to bolster Al Gore, and it gets through peer review.

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