The Toads arrive…taking over the capital

They have arrived…in Canberra, that is, in their hundreds, and even thousands. No, not Gillard or Rudd supporters, but while nobody was looking, and distractions aplenty, the Cane Toads moved in.

Meanwhile, the real work of the country goes on

Andrew Bolt – Monday, February 27, 12 (09:40 am)


Frogwatch reports:

Over the past week at the Marrara golf course, players, the club and FrogWatch have combined to remove an estimate 60,000 small cane toads (above). Fortunately alert members of the community noticed the toads and alerted the Golf Club, who got in touch with FrogWatch just as the metamorph toads were emerging from the water.

More toad-removal activity is reported this morning in Canberra.

In feral watch news,


Tim Blair – Monday, February 27, 12 (06:02 am)


It could be the day they drove old Kevni down. Former PM Kevin Rudd is expected today to take a beating from carrot-coloured cutthroat Julia Gillard, beginning from 10am in stormy Canberra. Let’s set the scene:...keep reading the updates

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