‘virtual massacre’ of climate science…by super hero?

A compendium of reactions to a ‘Gleicky’ #Fakegate, from Hilary…the gleicking irony bites hard:

From the ashes of Gleickgate a new mantra is born

February 23, 2012 8 Comments

Click to embiggenCartoon by Josh: Feb. 21, 2012

There was a time in days of olden
When ’twas said that silence is golden
Yet thanks to a scientist, an expert on water
Who dared not speak, though many thought he oughtta
His inactions are leading to conclusions unvarnished
That Gleick, by his silence, has glitter much tarnished!

-hro, Feb 18, 2012 at 9:39 AM (GMT):
a contribution to the speculations on the identity of a forger.

What a difference a few days makes in the fast-moving world of the blogosphere. One might, perhaps, summarize these momentous events as the “Fall and Rise of Peter Gleick” … on the wings of a forgery purporting to be a “confidential” document he claims fell into his lap, but which has turned out to have Gleick’s unmistakeable “fingerprints” all over it. Although he may well have had a hidden but helping hand from one of DeSmearBlog’s frequent contributors, mashup artist par excellence, John Mashey.

Steve McIntyre has diligently documented the background and timeline since Gleick – with the assistance of 15 cheerleading chums – launched what they may well have hoped would be a virtual Valentines Day massacre of those at whose views on climate change, aka global warming, they so dearly love to sneer and smear…keep reading at the link, there are a lot of entertaining snippets from all over

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