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600,000 Households In Germany Without Power – “Increasing Energy Poverty Is Alarming”

By P Gosselin on 23. February 2012

Here’s Germany’s solution to saving energy and reducing its carbon foortprint– make electricity affordable only to a few rich people! German online DIE WELT daily has an article titled: Hundreds Of Thousands Have Had Their Power Turned Off.

Germany becoming like North Korea – electricity for the rich only.

Germany’s power and gas has become so expensive thanks to its Renewable Energy Feed-in Act that it is now an unaffordable commodity for many among the poor.

Under the feed-in act, power companies are forced to buy up the expensive renewable energy from producers and pay them exorbitant tariffs. This has driven Germany’s electricity prices up and has made them among the most expensive in the world. So much so, that many can no longer pay for it.

According to DIE WELT:

Because of unpaid electricity bills, an estimated 600, 000 households in Germany had their power cut off in 2010, according to the Consumer Agency of North Rhine Westphalia in Düsseldorf. […] Price increases of about 15% for electricity and gas over the past 2 years have made energy an unaffordable commodity for many households.” said Chairman Klaus Müller. The increasing energy poverty is alarming.”

DIE WELT also writes that power companies had to send out millions of payment reminders. Many of these consumers, who were in arrears, paid their bills, but a portion were unable to do so. 

I posted this in response to a post on Facebook citing BeyondZeroEmissions who were praising Germany for their reduced carbon footprint. (This poster shall remain anonymous) I then checked my German sources, thanks, Pierre.

“All the negativity and ‘doomsaying’ around this issue can not ignore these inspiring facts.”
…”Germany is reducing their emissions by 30 per cent by 2020 and they have a new renewable energy target at 30 per cent of the nation’s supply for 2020 (as they passed the old 20 per cent target in early 2011). Not content with just using half the electricity of Australians, they have an all sector 20 per cent energy efficiency target as well.
Germany now has a 100 per cent renewable energy target for 2050 and given they completed their 2020 target 10 years early, it is quite likely that the Greens’ policy position of 100 per cent renewable energy by 2030 will be met. Germany is achieving all this while hitting the lowest unemployment since reunification.”

Germany’s 37 million households will soon be paying half as much on their annual electricity bills as Australian households. An average German household pays just $1060, or about $88 a month, for electricity to run their computers, lights and other household appliances, while an Australian household…

Looks like bad propaganda to me…

I would also add that I find that increasing CO2 has a huge benefit to plant and ocean productivity and a negligible effect on temperature. Higher temperatures would also be a benefit, but this is increasingly looking looking as though a long term cooling is happening. Attempting to reduce CO2 is nothing but a folly.

Veteran Meteorologist Klaus Eckhart Puls: “Goodbye Warming – Hello Cooling”. From Wrong Science To Fraud Science

From Climate Depot, a short summary:

  • New Satellite Information Refutes Major IPCC Climate Prediction: AGW Scientists & Mainstream Press ‘Stunned’
  • RSS: temperature trend in the last 15 years is negative
  • ‘The 8 coldest days of the last decade have all occurred in the first seven weeks of 2012. Temperatures have dropped almost a full degree since 2010’
  • Global temperatures ‘plummeting’: ‘Coldest February Day In At Least 10 Years’
  • ‘Sunday was the coldest February day in at least ten years. We are at solar max and ENSO is neutral,so Hansen has no excuses’
  • About Climate Depot

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