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toothy visitor, ‘on the move’…

Somewhat drizzly weather this morning, following over 50mm during the night, and Chinatown shopping precinct in Broome has a visitor. A mild 25C, perfect for moving this visitor out to the Crocodile Park a few kms from town. A crowd … Continue reading

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media, after #Fakegate…”NUTS”

This scaremongering is getting insane The Guardian’s latest piece of global warming catastrophism starts: The idea that a changing climate can persuade the ground to shake, volcanoes to rumble and tsunamis to crash on to unsuspecting coastlines seems, at first, … Continue reading

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Senator for tokenism?…

Labor’s probable first choice for replacement Senator for Mark Arbib, in order to continue their mining push, is Warren Mundine. What better way to allow the mining onslaught to continue unabated, use a token indigenous politician to help Mining Companies … Continue reading

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Labor can’t find ‘Regional Australia’…

New ‘Regional Australia Institute’ – Located in Canberra! “Minister Crean has finally launched the new ‘Regional Australia Institute’ today, over 18 months after it was promised. “This is a great idea but it’s a bit of an issue when the so-called … Continue reading

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bloggers…doing the media’s work

Skeptic blogs – reaching the parts that the media cannot Posted on February 27, 2012 by Verity Jones Clean Sweep of 5/5 at the Blog ‘Oscars’ Congratulations to Jo Nova, Rog ‘Tallbloke’, Steve McIntyre and Anthony Watts. I’m absolutely delighted for … Continue reading

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more rock art threatened…Burrup Peninsula

Science questioned in rock art impact assessment A GLOBAL resource company is being urged to reconsider plans for a chemical plant on the Burrup Peninsula, amid concerns the science behind the proposal inadequately assesses its impact on the region’s 30,000 year … Continue reading

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Our losses…’Nigeria’s’ gain

The future cost of Australia’s Carbon Tax revealed in Treasury modelling February 27th, 2012 by Warwick Hughes Great article by Terry McCrann – by my calculations in 2020 we will be paying ~$117 per head to buy emission permits from … Continue reading

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small world…

Crawlers, Hoppers and Flyers One of my life’s simple pleasures is living in a place that is surrounded by different plants and trees, which shelters innumerable tiny little creatures. I love shooting macros and it made me love insects too – … Continue reading

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His lordship returns…

Quirky visionary back in Broome for honour Bon vivant, raconteur and visionary eccentric, the good lord of Broome — as Lord Alistair McAlpine may as well be known is returning to town. Share Flip Prior – Journalist, The West … Continue reading

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‘Ducking’ for cover…chop, oops

Raptor Obstacle Course Posted on February 26, 2012 by Steven Goddard Wind power is considered green energy, because it is very inefficient,  destroys the scenery, and kills large numbers of endangered species. California is happy to shut down farmers in the Central Valley (who … Continue reading

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