Aliens in their own land: Sovereignty and the tent embassy

My take, and questions to be answered on Labor and Co (media’s) dog-whistling that backfired.


Say sorry, Prime Minister


Finally, a Labor politician speaks frankly about Julia Gillard’s office inciting of a race riot that endangered the safety of Tony Abbott:

(Northern) Territory Indigenous Affairs Minister Malarndirri McCarthy wants Prime Minister Julia Gillard to apologise for the Aboriginal tent embassy clashes in Canberra.

She says the scenes were disgraceful and involved “underhanded tactics” by the Prime Minister’s office.

Ms McCarthy is a Yanuwa woman from the Gulf country of the Territory and has been the Labor MLA for Arnhem since 2005.

The former ABC journalist and newsreader says Julia Gillard should apologise to the nation, Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and the tent embassy organisers.

What the media apologists for this race-baiting should remember is that no group has been hurt more by this immoral act than Aborigines.

Apart from Gillard and the Government, that is.

Woolly Days

Australia does a nice line in political  snafu and last week provided a juicy example as the Australia Day prime ministerial dragging fiasco spiralled out of control. It show screwed Australian political discourse has become. It involves many major issues – inadequate security procedures, police incompetence, political misconduct, media manipulation, treatment of Aboriginal issues and subsequent substitution of white fights masquerading as concern for those Aboriginal issues. Not that Aboriginal leaders would be surprised their issues were criticised and ignored. The Aboriginal Tent embassy that started all the current fuss (and now being ignored in the “who knew what” adviser scandal) was created in 1972.

I recently stumbled on the tent embassy when I was in Canberra. It was around 8.30am and I was on my way to visit the old parliament museum when I found the embassy at its doorstep. The museum didn’t open until 9am so I had time…

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