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I posted about this kind of thing before.

by Charlie on January 30, 2012

I posted about this kind of thing before.

Sometimes I get to travel for work and whilst it mostly sucks, it does mean I get to see places for free.  I don’t get very long to myself to explore and often I’m not really in the mood to go wandering around on my own, but I do get a flavour of lots of interesting places.

So, this time, my work has sent me to Brisbane, capital city of the state of Queensland.Last year the city was swamped with floods from a cyclone and some very poor decision making in the management of water levels of some key dams at the heads of the rivers that feed the Brisbane River.  As a result, lives were lost and a lot of the city was under water.  Now though, everything seems to be back to normal and I’m here for the week.

So, for me, travel wouldn’t be travel without some pictures of the actual travelling.

The start of the Wheatbelt – I think this is York, but its hard to tell from the air...

The rest are at the link.

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