falling unicorns…

Gore’s sky is still falling...from Lubos Motl

Al Gore expects to see thin ice in Antarctica

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After the successful 24 hours of virtual reality – Al Gore’s online project in Fall 2011 that was watched by dozens of people in the whole world, mostly by the readers of WUWT, the world’s most followed climate website – Al Gore has prepared another fascinating event that deserves to be promoted.

He will take a couple of his employees – such as James Hansen and Kevin Trenberth but also a cleverly named minister of human settlements, Tokyo Sex Wale (it’s surely a part of his job so he will plan a human settlement for some of the citizens of South Africa in Antarctica) and 112 other world’s top warriors against global warming – and between January 29th and February 5th, they will make a trip to Antarctica with the pretty National Geographic Explorer above which replaced the MS Explorer. (Note that it was MS Lindblad Explorer, not MS Internet Explorer, so Al Gore didn’t invent the previous cruise ship.)

MS Explorer (1969-2007) sank in November 2007 when it hit a few-inch-large object. National Geographic Explorer hasn’t sunk yet so it is eagerly waiting to host Al Gore and his hired guns. Al Gore is already getting ready for the frying hot weather he will surely experience in as little as 3 days.

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