Embarrassing fail…IPCC

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  • IPCC “Climate Science” Fail Is Major Embarrassment To Establishment Science: IPCC Can’t Predict Squat

    IPCC “experts” and climate models predicted that CO2 increases would cause runaway growth in atmospheric water vapor & temperatures – wrong on both counts

    Global temperature CO2 Humidity tipping point chart 011612As the adjacent chart shows, atmospheric CO2 levels have been methodically rising. Per the IPCC’s climate models and its Climategate experts, the rising CO2 should cause a water vapor “tipping point” that would cause “runaway” warming. It hasn’t, on both counts.

    The bold blue curve reveals atmospheric relative humidity actually decreasing (less water vapor) over the last 17 years since the end of 1994. The bold red curve represents the slowing growth of atmospheric warming, as measured by NASA’s own satellite.

    If the 17-year satellite linear trend were to continue unchanged, the global temperature increase by year 2100 would be only +1.13 degrees, well below the IPCC’s minimum prediction. The last 10-year linear trend (not shown in chart) indicates an increase of a measly +0.3 degrees for global temps by 2100, which would be barely perceptible.

    Simply stated, the IPCC can’t predict squat, especially anything to do with climate changes due to human CO2. Establishment science and coastal elites are literally besides themselves as the empirical evidence continues to affirm that the “consensus” IPCC catastrophic AGW hypothesis is at best, lame, and more likely just plain invalid.

    Additional modern and historical temperature charts.

    Note: This analysis used a 17-year span, which Climategate’s infamous Ben Santer prefers. Download data file used for Excel chart (CO2 data was superimposed on temperature and humidity chart).

  • More failures: Antarctica: IPCC Proven Conclusively Wrong By Newest Research – South Pole Cooling

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Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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  1. I’m not going to make a comment as to whether I think this is right or wrong, I don’t know enough about it to argue.

    But this might be an interesting addition to the topic: http://bestuniversalscience.wordpress.com/2012/01/13/global-warming-may-trigger-winter-cooling/

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