I am Spartacus…

“I am Spartacus!”: Stand up and be counted for science

Posted: January 5, 2012 by tallbloke in flames, Incompetence, Philosophy, Politics

Strong words softly spoken. This morning, I noticed someone had visited and commented on an old thread from last year about the Republican vote to defund the IPCC. The comment showed a strong belief in science, and condemnation of the way politics and other non-scientific forces have tried to turn science into a tool of propaganda. What impressed me the most was that this is a person of good standing in the science community, who was prepared to put his full name and list his qualifications and institutional affiliation at the bottom of his comment.

IPCC should not only be defunded, it should be deleted as an agency. The reason is its misuse of the concept of science. It has never been meant to rely on correct science and uses science for one simple reason. People believe in science, since people have seen the result of powerful applications of it during 100 years. IPCC uses this fact to “sell” its political message to get support from ordinary people. Science is a “brand” for selling propaganda. The only way to keep the IPCC is for it to skip any claim of being scientific at all and clearly declare what it really is: a political organization.

My tutor when writing my exam paper in meteorology was Bert Bolin, the founder of IPCC. He was for sure a screwed influential politician and a dishonest and ordinary scientist.

Hans Jelbring, BSc, meteorologist, Stockholm University, Civil engineer, electronics, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, PhD, institution of Paleogeophysics & geodynamics, Stockholm University.

We have been through a dark time when blacklists of scientists who disagree with the IPCC climate orthodoxy have been drawn up, editors have been threatened with being forced out of their jobs for allowing dissenting papers to be published in journals, correct science which disproves the orthodoxy position has been ignored and witch hunts on skeptical scientists and bloggers have been promoted.

The way the IPCC pursues its objectives is for me summed up by this quote from Sir Robert Watson  who instructed the IPCC lead authors and core team to supply him with the material he needed for the Summary for Policy makers :

The key to success for the Synthesis Report and the SPMwill be punchy take home messages, and thoughtful tables and figures.

Would you please send me comments by Friday, February 2. I think that the key

to success will be a few well-crafted tables and figures. As soon as I receive

your comments, I will write a 5-7 page SPM.

If you believe as we do, that science must be defended for its universality, honesty and open-ness, and those who misuse and subvert it as a tool to promote a narrow agenda must be prevented from calling themselves a scientific organisation, don’t be afraid to say who you are and what you believe. Even if you can’t reveal your identity, you can step forward shoulder to shoulder with Dr Hans Jelbring and myself, Roger Tattersall BA(hons) Hist/Phil Sci, and shout:


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