Bizarro ‘science’…

NOAA Climate Scientists Gone Wild: Bizarro Temperature Data Fabrication Continues

The embarrassing outright fabrication of the global temperature dataset continues at NOAA / NCDC – Obama’s anti-science regime not challenged by the mainstream press

2012-01-02_083627How bizarre is changing historical temperatures, all the way back to 1880, on a monthly basis? Recently, we wrote about NOAA’s monthly temperature revisionism and the political, anti-science agenda that’s driving it, global warming alarmism.

Well, it’s definitely bizarre science since other major climate agencies are not doing the same.

Amazingly though, the NOAA / NCDC agencies are now seemingly dissatisfied with just monthly fabrications. They apparently have now embraced almost daily revisionism of historical temperatures.

Although we did not check the NOAA / NCDC dataset on a daily basis during the month of December, we did check six times, downloading six different historical datasets. Did we say bizarro? (image source)

There is no rational explanation for continuously fabricating a new historical temperature dataset multiple times during a month, let alone a year. [Note: You can download the six December 2012 revisions of historical data by Obama’s “science” team here.]

Of course, the mainstream press (e.g. NYT, WaPo, CNN, LA Times, BBC, Newsweek, CBS, MSNBC, etc.) refuses to report on the actual bogus and fraud Bernie Madoff-like science that is being perpetrated by their comrades in the climate science bureaucracy. Obviously, for the left / liberal / progressive / Democrat anti-science mindset, fabricating empirical evidence is not bizarro…..

  • From Wikipedia: “…introduced the strange speech patterns that became synonymous with the character, with all of Bizarro’s comments meaning the opposite (e.g.. “bad” means “good”).”

[Editor’s special note: The NOAA/NCDC revisions this post is about are entire historical temperature dataset revisions being done multiple times per year and even multiple times per month (December 2011). We are not referring to the common practice of revising the temperatures of a few recent months that is done by all climate agencies frequently.]


“Science” By Lubchenco’s NOAA: Fake Global Warming By Changing Historical Temperature Data

To promote the global warming scare, Jane Lubchenco’s NOAA continuously changes past temperature records to create fake warming – on a monthly basis

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