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Darkness into light…Wi-Li or Li-Fi

TRIPPING THE LIGHT FANTASTIC: A fast and cheap optical version of Wi-Fi is coming. Posted at 6:35 pm by Glenn Reynolds AMONG the many new gadgets unveiled at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was a pair of … Continue reading

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Disappeared…Woodside’s social license

Save The Kimberley This article is worth a read. The Browse Basin gas hub development has stoked up so much opposition on so many fronts that many investors are now asking if the project is still economically viable, or … Continue reading

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Charlie’s world… the West from the air

Adventures with work I posted about this kind of thing before. by Charlie on January 30, 2012 I posted about this kind of thing before. Sometimes I get to travel for work and whilst it mostly sucks, it does mean I … Continue reading

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Eenzy Weenzy Spiders

Originally posted on the unbearable lightness of being me.:
I just learned recently that spiders are not insect. I’m sorry, but maybe I was absent or simply not listening when it was thought in school. With the countless kinds of…

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Aliens in their own land: Sovereignty and the tent embassy

Originally posted on Woolly Days:
Australia does a nice line in political  snafu and last week provided a juicy example as the Australia Day prime ministerial dragging fiasco spiralled out of control. It show screwed Australian political discourse has become.…

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If Eyes Could Talk…

Originally posted on allaboutlemon-All Around, In, And Out Of My Own Universe:
Gusto but tongue-tied If only eyes could just talk You and me unite… adollyciousirony If Eyes Could Just Talk… Whoop your weekdays up and have fun!!! 🙂

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Plastic food…

Fungi Discovered In The Amazon Will Eat Your Plastic Polyurethane seemed like it couldn’t interact with the earth’s normal processes of breaking down and recycling material. That’s just because it hadn’t met the right mushroom yet. The Mexicans can … Continue reading

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Climate Skeptics win in Supreme Court…Montana

Montana Supreme Court rejects the Global Warming petition by Our Children’s Trust | Climate Physics Institute 29/01/2012 18:38 Dissent and Climate Change Reconsidered.) by Ed Berry In a precedent-making decision, the Montana Supreme Court dismissed yesterday the Petition for Original … Continue reading

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Nothing but bribery…Australian Labor/Green Government

Government stuffs OneSteel’s mouth with cash OneSteel boss Geoff Plummer a year ago: If we have a carbon tax at $20 a tonne, then that would be a drain of about $20m to $30m (a year) on OneSteel… So Plummer … Continue reading

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Nearly everyone got it wrong…but mostly the media. HEARD BUT UNSAID Tim Blair – Monday, January 30, 12 (01:09 pm) We really don’t deserve the Internet, mobile phones, television, iPads, Twitter or any other means of modern communication. We simply … Continue reading

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