Higgs (real science) trumps COP17 (pseudoscience)…”climatic parasites”

COP 17 cannot be seen as a failure by the ideologues, or their 20 year gravy train will run dry. This so called Declaration is nothing more than an agreement to continue to ‘shaft’ us and continue the scam. This below is from physicist Lubos Motl, celebrating the discovery of The “God particle”.

Kyoto protocol extended through 2020

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Update Tuesday morning: Canada becomes the 1st country that leaves the Kyoto protocol. Congratulations to Canucks! An unhinged Ms Christiana Figueres, the UNFCCC’s boss personally trained and authorized by Al Gore in his training camps (she memorized An Inconvenient Truth slide show), immediately sent a legally nonsensical spam e-mail to Canada, claiming that Canada has no right to stop Kyoto policies whether it’s a Kyoto signatory or not.

The delegates of the insane Durban climate conference have blackmailed each other and kept on negotiating for at least 36 extra hours. Finally, many of the delegates were so tired and so scared of the idea that their intimate recreational activities in Durban would be published by their even more alarmist counterparts that almost everyone okayed a sick deal:

Climate conference approves landmark deal

The failed 1997 Kyoto protocol that was scheduled to evaporate at the end of 2012 will be extended through 2020 (earlier plans would talk about 2017) and a new post-Kyoto deal should be negotiated and approved by 2015. The text of the new proposed treaty (which is probably meant to be tougher than Kyoto) probably exists but citizens of the participating countries aren’t being shown what the text says because they’re humans, the culprits whom the treaty is supposed to punish for their sins.

The parasites have also agreed with a $100 billion fund by 2020 which is not a big deal because it may approximately cover the vacations of these shameless climatic parasites and their employees in the individual countries. The global annual damages caused by the climate fearmongers are comparable to a trillion of dollars.

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Higgs: 125 GeV Higgs rumors were accurate

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Update after the talks

The talks – get PDF or PowerPoint from both of them – showed that the rumors were almost entirely accurate. The most striking excess was one by ATLAS in the di-photon channel:

IQ test: can you see a spike in the picture?

In the gamma-gamma channel only, the local ATLAS excess near 126 GeV is 2.8 sigma.

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