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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

2011 among warmest years on record

The global temperature figures come as scientists warned the latest evidence was showing that global warming appeared to be a greater, rather than lesser, problem.

Stupid: Oregon Museum of Science and Industry cancels climate talk due to skeptics being on panel | Watts Up With That?

I guess nobody wanted to “properly debate” skeptics. They couldn’t even get David Appell?

Neil Wagner: Climate Change Makes the Bad Old Days Look Better

Thanks, in part, to climate change, snow, wind, sleet, rain, heat, et al., are now becoming stronger and less predictable.

Revkin updates his views on global warming: Now allegedly so nuanced that I don’t think even he knows what he truly believes anymore

The ‘Revkin’ Collection in the Climate E-mail Release –

On the word “denier” and sincerity: There are plenty of sincere, highly educated critics of some climate science and scientists. Words like denier and skeptic have been greatly abused in the climate fight for far too long — often as a catch-all. I’ve long pointed out that there is a dizzyingly wide spectrum of attitudes, some informed, some not, on the amorphous thing called global warming. I’ve also noted that there has been plenty of denial to go around — noting that I was in denial for a long time, presuming that more communication of climate findings could matter.
the idea that I was in cahoots with one side or the other isn’t well borne out by my coverage

The Sky Is Falling Less? – Reason Magazine

If their work ultimately checks out that would mean that while the world will get warmer, it will likely not become catastrophically hot. In other words, the sky would be falling

Carol Browner: Sweeping energy, climate bills are out of fashion – The Hill’s E2-Wire

The era of big energy legislation is over.

Carol Browner, President Obama’s former climate czar, said it has become clear that sweeping energy and climate change bills are a thing of the past.

“Going forward I think that it is hard to imagine returning to the days of thousand-plus[-page] bills,” Browner said in an interview with the Climate Progress blog.

Kyoto protocol ‘will be on life support’ after Durban summit | Environment |

US environmental research centre predicts no agreement to keep climate change treaty in place beyond 2012

MinnPost – Don Shelby: Why aren’t we more worried about global warming?

Maibach told me: “The more research we do, the more I’m convinced that we are way overselling the risk and way underselling the ways we can pursue solutions.”

Dr. Maibach says people respond to solution information better than frightening scenarios. “It is the risk information that tends to drive people away.”
Then Americans should be running for their lives, and toward rejection of the science based on three concurrent reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the International Energy Agency (IEA).

The IPCC released a report predicting a greater frequency of extreme weather events caused by global warming. The OECD reported that if global warming isn’t tamed, the world will reach a tipping point after which nothing we can do will set things right. The IEA said much the same thing, pointing out that, based on those fossil-fuel projects already under construction or planned, the planet is poised for irreversible damage in just five years. I haven’t mentioned the frightening takes of the Pentagon and the CIA about different kinds of threats from global warming. Think war, mass immigration, famine and disease. Scary stuff.

Gingrich Agnostic On Man-Made Global Warming: “I Don’t Think We Know” | RealClearPolitics

Gingrich: “I think it would be fair to say that I am open-minded and certainly not prepared to spend trillions of dollars over a theory.”

Climate Forensics 101 | Real Science

At first glance, the two warming periods from the last century appear identical. Yet one is due to natural variability and the other clearly has the fingerprint of humans on it. If you can pass this test, you are ready to collect millions in climate fraud money confiscated from taxpayers.

For extra credit, find the fingerprint of Chinese aerosols.

Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » My Favorite Climategate 2.0 Email (so far)

I am working on a summary post of the new batch of climategate emails, but this is perhaps my favorite.  It is written to Andy Revkin, nominally a reporter for the NY Times but revealed by the new emails to be pretty much the unpaid PR agent of Michael Mann and company.  Over and over, emails from Mann and his cohorts get Revkin to write the articles they want, drop quotes from skeptics from articles, and in general coordinate communications policy.

Anyway, one climate scientist writes Revkin this note

I think the notion of telling the public to prepare for both global warming and an ice age at the same [time] creates a real public relations problem for us.

Amazing that this actually had to be said.

The Reference Frame: Gavin Schmidt on ideal ways to communicate climate science

So if you want to be the best climate science communicator in the world, you have to release the data in an as-impenetrable-as-possible form. 😉

Google Fails at Renewables, Even with Taxpayer Guarantees | National Legal and Policy Center

Companies like Google and Walmart, who have forayed heavily into renewable energy production, should stick to what they do best. Let the experts figure out what type of energy is deliverable at cheapest price, and let the hardheaded dream-chasers keep throwing their own money away on wind and solar.

Anuradha Vittachi: Climategate Hacker Scores Own Goal

Climate change is the greatest poverty-creator — ever.

“We Were Second And They Were Next To Last” | Real Science

Translation : Temperatures have been cooling for 13 years, and 2011 is looking to finish as the first or second coldest year of the millennium. Did the UN hire a bunch of writers from Pravda when the Soviet Union collapsed? Cooling is the new warming .

Chance of frost worries Gaza Agriculture Min… JPost – Headlines

The Ministry of Agriculture in the Gaza Strip warned farmers on Tuesday of a potential frost Tuesday overnight throughout the Palestinian Territories and Israel, Hamas affiliate Al Resalah reported.

Watching The Wheels Come Off The Green Machine – Forbes

One of the key tenets of activist government is that the failures of central planning can always be solved with more central planning, just as failed spending programs can be fixed with more spending. All it takes is the will to reallocate resources from the private sector to the state, along with the courage to forge ahead no matter how many failures pile up. President Obama has made this approach the centerpiece of his “We Can’t Wait” campaign, issuing a stream of executive orders to demonstrate his leadership abilities.

Iceland Review Online: Minister Cancels Plans for Carbon Tax

Minister of Finance Steingrímur J. Sigfússon decided yesterday to cancel plans for a carbon tax on electrodes and mineral substances in solid form which was supposed to increase the income for the state in 2013. The move was highly disputed.

Climategate 2.0: Wigley to Briffa: ‘Are you hiding something?’ |

Even the alarmists don’t trust each other.

From the Climategate 2.0 collection, an apparently frustrated and suspicious Tom Wigley presses Keith Briffa to respond to hokey stick debunker Steve Mcintyre:


See the last item. Why don’t you just give these people the raw data?

Are you hiding something — your apparent refusal to be forthcoming sure makes it look as though you are.


REFILE-Carbon offset firms feel heat of price crash – Finance News – London South East

LONDON, Nov 29 (Reuters) – Shares in firms set up to profit from efforts to curb pollution traded near all-time lows on Tuesday as the collapse of the carbon emissions market they depend on raised concerns about their future.

‘CERs are becoming like Greek bonds,’ said Laurent Segalen at London-based advisory firm Segalen Environment Partners.

Extremist Weather « the Air Vent

Extreme weather is one of the biggest BS claims of climate science.  There have been no detected extreme weather changes since AGW began that I’m aware of.  What’s more is that there is no connection yet to the tenths of a degree of warming we’ve measured.  It is fantastically insane to imagine that a few tenths of a degree are going to create a noticeable difference in weather.  We can barely detect the temp change.  The whole concept is so asinine by itself that I can’t even imagine listening to it.  Why then do scientists people keep trying to say it?

Money.  They need damage for their AGW political and economic goals to be funded well.  It doesn’t matter one bit that the data don’t show any differences and no physical attribution has been proven, they need it so they say it.   If there were 4C of sudden warming, maybe we find some change but we’ve seen 0.8C so how the hell will that be noticeable in the hurricane or tornado patterns.   Hell, until satellites were used, we couldn’t even detect all the hurricanes.  We still don’t pick up all the tornadoes.

Crazy people with an agenda.

Tom Nelson.

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