The folly of trying to reduce CO2 emissions…

Reducing carbon dioxide emissions also reduces economic progress in developing and developed countries. Undeveloped and developing countries however, have much higher carbon dioxide emissions, but reducing these are problematic. Cheap energy with use of coal and gas made available to undeveloped countries can reduce CO2 emissions.

But the question remains, why bother to reduce CO2 emissions when it provides a huge gain in crop and forest productivity, and a similar drop in moisture use to achieve this. It also helps in the uptake of fertilizer and minerals. China knows this.

Updated carbon emissions defining the history of the global economy

November 14th, 2011 by Warwick Hughes

I thought this graphic was worthwhile posting quickly just to show the scale of carbon emissions from China – which is a measure of the scale of growth in the Chinese economy. Europe and the west can continue to reduce emissions – aided & abetted by any Euroland weakness – but global emissions will continue to increase – as long as the Asian economic transformation continues.
Chinese carbon emissions compared
The Chinese trend shows clearly the Chairman Mao “Great Leap Forward” 1960 and reaction after including famine. Then the “Cultural Revolution” is detected 1967-68 before modern influences gained control. The effects of the two oil shocks are noticed and also the late 1990′s “Asian Tigers” crisis then after 2000 – liftoff.
In late 2009 I posted the following chart
Global carbon emissions 1960-2008 and economic events
Global carbon emissions 1960-2008 and economic events
More recently I have used this chart to emphasize the scale of Chinese emissions compared to Australia.

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