Pseudoscience continues…paid from your taxes

More CSIRO pseudoscience published

Direct effects of climate warming on biodiversity pose a serious conservation challenge for marine life, according to new research published today in Science….surely, a joke
Good one…despite Sea surface temperatures (SSTs) falling,
*Despite *Trenberth’s voodooscience that suggests there is missing heat…, or heated ocean water ‘descends’ to the deep,
*Tropospheric temperature stable over a lengthy period, despite the warmists saying that a rising tropospheric temperature being the signature of warming. Continue reading about tropospheric science here…
*Then the idiocy of fish swimming faster, animals shrinking,  birds getting bigger because of global climate change or animals moving a few feet higher or 1.6km further north. Ridiculous, again.
*The oceans acidifying, which is an impossibility based on the chemistry. The Reef Abides.
*The ice sheets disappearing except that they are breaking records in gaining new ice.Three Metre Thick Ice Area Has Doubled Since Last Year

Arctic Ice Extent Has Increased 85% Since September

*The conduct of IPCC, CSIRO, NASA et al, all funded by leftist, Fabian, socialist governments doing their bidding, is nothing short of abysmal .
*The idiocy continues…why don’t these people study the effects of real pollutants on flora and fauna such as mercury and other heavy metals, alumina, phosphates, salts and a veritable table of elements and their combinations.
*As is so obvious to farmers, horticulturalists, fishermen and anyone else whose livelihood depends on understanding climate and weather…CO2 is NOT pollution…CO2 IS plant food.
*Despite everything, CO2 has little effect on temperature: Real Scientist Vs. Hockey Scientist
* Maybe they might even look at the colder future…, or why satellite data was hidden that shows that land use by third world countries is the main source of increasing CO2 (a benefit),

*Maybe the CSIRO should be spending more time reading this speech from Dr. Matt Ridley: A big speech: Matt Ridley on scientific heresy and the temptations of confirmation bias
UPDATE from a former CSIRO chemist, Geoff Lewis, who left this comment on an earlier post about the CSIRO and their voodooscience: Earlier in the year there was a conference in Townsville re climate at which the female head of CSIRO claimed that the pH is decreasing. Now I am a chemist and indeed a long time ago I worked for CSIRO, and this was so impossible that I contacted them and asked to be directed to the research. To be honest they did send some links, but the claim was so impossible I didn’t even pursue it. For carbonic acid (a weak acid from the solution of CO2 in water) to alter the entire volume of the oceans is impossible. Particularly over a short time frame. Over a short time the change in pH would be immeasurable.
Go on, prove me wrong...

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Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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