The occupiers…comedy working groups


Tim Blair – Wednesday, November 02, 11 (05:11 am)

From Davey, a “perspective on the struggle for control of Occupy Melbourne”:

As a participant in Occupy Melbourne over the last few days I have reflected much on what has transpired.

Reflection complete, Davey returns to the usual torment of Working Group meetings in order to find a new site for Occupy Melbourne to infest:

A meeting was held between the Logistics Working Group and the Yarra Council and the site was scoped out by the kitchen Working Group too.

The first most of us learnt of this was at the Treasury Gardens on the 29th when Jeff from the Logistics Working Group gave a report back to the crows what marched there with the intention of re-occupying.

Didn’t anybody from the Logistics Working Group or the Kitchen Working Group or the Logistics Working Group think to first liaise over this with the Spelling Working Group or the Corvid Working Group? Come on, people! And now some further reflection:

On Sunday night and Monday during the day, the State Library Occupation limjped on only due to the persistence and tenacity of those present in the face of ongoing harassment and threats made by the management of the State Library and without the presence of structures.

Life is always difficult without the presence of structures, but these Occupists are the first people since 1991 to feel threatened by the management of a library. Click for video of further Working Group love, courtesy of a Tasmanian at Occupy Wall Street – where there are currently 79 Working Groups all working in groups while remaining diligently unemployed.

They could learn a lot from the anti- Woodside protest movement against an LNG Refinery near Broome.

Massive Broome Community gathering…says “go away Woodside”

Photos from the beach concert affirming community support to stop the proposed Woodside giant Gas Hub Industrial plant at James Price Point. Some photos also from the protest camp this morning at the Price’s Point turn-off. The council would not … Continue reading →

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