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Australian Climate Madness


Steve Sherwood admits in The Australian today that climate scientists avoid debate, but attempts to justify that by claiming that it’s impossible to get their position across in a the short time normally allowed in debates.
Bolt adds:Steve Sherwood, co-director of the University of NSW’s Climate Change Research Centre, tries to excuse the refusal of warmist scientists to debate their critics:

The basic physics of global warming may be simple, but the potential complications revived in perpetuity by contrarians took years for experts to sort out. They cannot be adequately explained in an hour or a day.

A solicitor with integrity, faced with 30 seconds to deliver trial evidence, would refuse to participate in such a scheme.

Climate scientists are refusing to enter public debates for exactly the same reason.

(The full article is behind paywall.)

This strikes me as a complete cop-out, not least because many of those scientists seem to hold no such scruples about presenting their alarmist case in brief ads or short statements when they can be sure the audience is friendly. And oddly enough, Sherwood himself seems happy enough to argue his case in a University of NSW video lasting just 1:21 minutes – as long as there’s no one there to question him:

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