ABC and their science bias…

Remember the infamous Bob Ward interview, from a year ago?

10/09/2011 by Bob Fernley-Jones 2 Comments

Minor EDIT 15/Oct,  (corrected two hyperlinks) 11/Oct/11   Guest post by Bob Fernley-Jones (AKA Bob_FJ)

With the help of Mr Ward, Australia’s national broadcaster attacked the work of several sceptics of CAGW, (catastrophic AGW), including against a 2008 paper by Prof Bob Carter; one of his hundred, which Ward described as the worst paper ever.   The major issue seems that it did contain a misquote of source, of what was basically published elsewhere.  However, the professor previously apologised for it in the same journal, and it was hardly a big deal.  Despite this, the unchanged attack was delivered by ABC radio’s “The Science Show”, without reference to the published correction.  One can only speculate that perhaps it was to counter the professor’s highly acclaimed book of 2010, which was contrary to their dogma.  The interview went viral around the world, such as here in Oz, in the USA, and in the UK .  The latter link is also valuable in giving a disturbing background on “Bob Who?”, PR man of the LSE, although some of the 800 comments are a bit emotional.  The ABC’s denigration of Bob Carter went to the greatest extreme, conflicting with parts of their own Editorial Policies, and against the wishes of the Chairman in an address to staff in 2010, to which some staff openly declared their opposition and bias.

So, has the ABC attitude towards CAGW scepticism changed over the past year?  Well in general, no; for example, here follows a listing of twenty of the more significant CAGW stories on “The Science Show”, to which there was ZERO balancing material other than on website comments.

MAIN LIST OF EVENTS, (Short title, story date, and brief comments):

1) BBC Trust; science report; 24/Sep

Amongst other things, presenter Robyn Williams prompted Sir Steve Jones, (The examiner for the BBC Trust science review), that the BBC gives too much support for sceptics, given “the weight of evidence” against them. Apart from this open bias, ”The Science Show” also disregards AT LEAST the following clause in the ABC Editorial Policies. (my emphasis):

4.2 Present a diversity of perspectives so that, over time, no significant strand of thought or belief within the community is knowingly excluded or disproportionately represented.

Various polls known to The Science Show give that around 50% of the Oz community’s belief on CAGW is knowingly excluded from consideration.

2) Eureka prizes; 10/Sep

John Cook repeated an unfounded claim of a direct connection between CO2 and CAGW via radiation as recently measured from satellites and planes using EXACTLY the same words as in 5) below.  Williams was aware from the earlier discussion, that this was misleading, particularly in ignoring feedbacks and modelling assumptions etc.  (whilst most sceptics do believe that CO2 is indeed a GHG).  However, he made no attempt to query it in the interview, or to edit the pre-recorded show before it went to air.  But then, Cook must be correct, because he won an Eureka Award from the Australia Museum for his book!  (sarcasm intended) … read the other 20 something times too at the link…

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