Senior indigenous lawkeeper…”our heritage at risk”

The following is a message to the international, national and the local communities from the Goolarabooloo people:To our Friends,Apart from the obvious environmental impact of this proposed industrialisation, which has been well documented, the significant issue of the preservation of our aboriginal cultural and spiritual heritage has not been given due consideration.The Law and Song Cycles of Walmadan are not ancient history, but present-day fact. This Law has been kept alive through my grandfather Paddy Roe and now through me.If this proposed LNG development goes ahead, our Country is gone forever.

Our Country holds our Heritage, including our burial sites, and most importantly the Song Cycle that runs through this country from the north of the Dampier Peninsula, south to Bidyadanga, the area below Roebuck Bay.

Your voice can draw attention to this great plight and help protect our ancient and sacred Song Cycles – Bugarrigarra (Dreamtime).

Thank you.

Joseph Roe,
Senior Law Boss and Law Keeper

3th October 2011: “we are in the forefront, we are leading it” says Mitch Torres, Broome TO and award winning film maker says of the protests at James Price Point/ Walmadan.

Aboriginal protestors are not bludgers, Broome Advertiser article – 13 October 2011.

Update: this out people !! these 2 are doing a incredible job at making a film of the fight against gas @JPP check there pics they been there since day one of protest and have seen it all and taken pics

“Heritage Fight” is a film about the illegal construction of a gas plant on the West Kimberley coast, in Australia, and the rise of all the aborigenes and local communities against this insane project. Joe is the head of an Aboriginal community in north-western Australia, which is fighting against a proposed gas plant. Prevent rather than destroy, and take care, for the sake of tomorrow. ‘Looking After Country’ is their motto. The Kimberley is one of the last regions of the planet remained untouched. A magical journey through their values and world views, offers a new perspective and teaches a profound respect for life. A documentary by Eugénie Dumont. Follow us on : ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ “Heritage Fight” est un film évoquant l’implantation illégale d’une plateforme de forage de gaz, sur la côte du West Kymberley, en Australie, et la révolte de tous les aborigènes et des communautés locales contre ce projet insensé. Joe est le chef d’une communauté Aborigène du Nord-ouest de l’Australie qui se bat contre un projet d’usine à gaz. Prévenir plutôt que détruire, et prendre soin, par souci de demain. “Looking After Country” est leur devise. Le Kimberley, est une des dernières régions de la planète qui demeure intouchée par l’homme. Un voyage enivrant à travers leurs valeurs et visions du monde, offre une nouvelle perspective et enseigne un profond respect de la vie. Un documentaire de Eugénie Dumont. Suivez nous sur :

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