Dr Hertzberg response to Dr Mann’s slurs…citing the data

Recently I posted an item about Dr Hertzberg, and received a number of visits here from John Cook’s warmist blog ‘SkepticalScience’, ( not skeptical at all). This was an attempt to denigrate Dr Hertzberg, giving links to mine and a couple of other sites. Hopefully, those visitors may have actually read some of the science, they may actually learn something.

Dr Hertzberg had already demolished  the media, and now he answers claims made by Dr Hockey Stick Mann himself, a key paragraph:

In his response, Mann uses an ad-hominem overkill accusing me of lies and lying some six times! Methinks he doth protest too much.

When I am engaged in a scientific dispute with an adversary, and that opponent instead of citing the facts or the data that might support his argument, instead directs an intense barrage of ad-hominem slurs toward me, I am fully confident that I am winning the argument.

My response now is to cite the data…  Read it all

Dr. Martin Hertzberg responds to Dr. Michael Mann

Readers may recall the strange series of events leading up to the post facto revisionism at the Vail Daily News when Dr. Michael Mann sent an angry reply letter to the newspaper and then the original letter from Dr. HertzbergContinue reading →

The original post  at WUWT with updates:

Thanks to Michael Mann’s response, a newspaper censors a letter to the editor ex post facto

UPDATES below – some confusion afoot by differing newspaper versions has been discovered. The print version appears to be online. ================================= Letters to the editor are one of the oldest free speech venues for public opinion in the United States.Continue reading →

UPDATE: John Cook now reverting to rewriting history,  On “Skepticalscience” – Rewriting History

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