Australian Government’s “utter disgrace”…

From Joanne Nova: The Australian government asks for submissions, gets around 4500, mostly against the tax, then ignores almost all of them. It’s just another form of suppression and censorship, a sign that the elites don’t give a fig what we think.

Menzies House is calling it an utter disgrace.

“In a shocking and historically unprecedented suppression of political expression, a staggering four thousand five hundred Australians have had their voices silenced by Australia’s political elite in the Labor-dominated Joint Select Committee on Australia’s Clean Energy Future Legislation.”

It shows what we all knew all along: the submission process was a merely legal formality, a scent of democracy.

This is a new low, and based on current performance, is just what we’d expect. They can’t justify this tax, they can’t debate the science, but they can ram it through. The only way “forward” is with whitewash, erasers, and the all-purpose delete key.

So figure what was going on in the minds of the chief censors:

a/ Abject desperation: We’re doomed! (Never let the plebs know that we got thousands of well written, detailed submissions that were against the tax, so find any half-baked pathetic excuse to not publish or count most of the letters!)

b/ Callous disregard: The people who wrote this stuff would never vote for Labor anyhow and who, seriously, is going to bust us? (That is, we’re not interested in their views. And anyhow, Fairfax and the ABC won’t even mention that the submissions were canned, so it never happened. Who cares?)

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Disgraceful, Dr Evans’ submission was left out. I notice Dr Evans submission didn’t make publication but don’t miss reading it


The Bolt Report – global warming special

Andrew Bolt – Sunday, October 09, 11 (04:43 pm)

Feel free to pass this on. People need to know that scientists dispute what the Government claims is settled.

Dr Garth Paltridge, Dr Jim Kidd and Professor Bob Carter put the context into ‘global warming’ that the Gillard Government refuses to.

And propaganda 101.

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