Global Warming hits…in 1912

1912 : Global Warming – Ice Caps Shrinking And Thinning – Animals Migrating North – Winters Getting Mild And Short

West Gippsland Gazette Warragul, Vic.
Tuesday 19 March 1912


GREEN CHRISTMASES By C. Le Lacy Evans, in the”Daily Mail.”)

For many years back we have witnessed a noticeable climatic change in  our winters in England, Scotland, and Northern Europe generally, together with reports of a similar character from America. As an instance of the former, during the present December a rare variety of   spring sights and sounds are reported.   With the thermometer often up to 50 deg., “partridges had practically commenced to pair” and “the rooks wers a busy repairing their old nests.” Fresh   and succulent grass has grown as in spring, and cattle have been turned out “to enjoy both the weather and the food.”

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