ABC’s Political Agenda…

ABC have this strange policy that says they are not part of the political Agenda. LOL

It seems to me that the ABC is part of of the political agenda everywhere you look. Take climate change. The ABC refuse to report anything that is not part of the government agenda

For example, Dr Denis Jensen’s impressive speech on climate science and the carbon tax…nowhere to be seen.

Once again I will remind people that this Is a page that is managed by the ABC’s terms and conditions. As the ABC is not part of the political agenda we will Not continue to host off topic, vexatious or repetitive content. Or content is that is rude or offensive. We love the debates in the right time and place. Thank you for respecting everyone’s equal use and access to this page.

And then, after reporting Woodside’s denial about using explosives on the heritage listed reef containing dinosaur footprints, they refuse to look into the fact that the seismic story catches them out and says otherwise.

Then here, the Insiders, and weblog, The Drum both carry the can for Gillard and Labor, in the way they attack the opposition. Just as if Tony Abbott were the Prime Minister.

More here too.

Then this,

ABC logo

Indeed, Mark Scott, director of the ABC himself admitted that the ABC is there to help the government. The fact that he thought it was OK to admit that publicly tells you how far the ABC has come from any notion that it is there  to serve-the-people.

And they still say they don’t have a political agenda?

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Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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