Palaeontologist insulted by Government…over Broome dinosaur footprints

This is nothing but an insult to work by Dr Salisbury on the dinosaur footprints that cover the reef from Broome to Cape Leveque. Also insulting to the Institution that the good Dr teaches for.

At least Dr Salisbury is decent enough to accept that the two scientists from overseas are excellent scientists and their results will be peer reviewed. If it was me, I might be really pi..ed off with the people that are here hoping for a different result. That is, the EPA and Department of State Development.

The other difference is, that Dr Salisbury was not fully funded to do his study, but had to rely on donations. The Department of State Development and the EPA should also refund Dr Salisbury’s costs, especially if his findings are vindicated.

Oh, and fund a full audit of dinosaur footprints and fossils from Broome to Cape Leveque.

Palaeontologists will be flown in from Canada and the United States to conduct a fresh review of dinosaur footprints near the proposed Kimberley gas hub.

The dinosaur footprints are embedded in rock close to where the State and Federal Governments want to build a $35 billion LNG precinct north of Broome.

There was a backlash from palaeontologists and locals when a State Government assessment found the footprints were not of particular value.

The Environmental Protection Authority also has concerns, and has requested further research.

Within two weeks, a team from North America will conduct fresh studies of the site to establish how important the prints are.

The Department of State Development’s Nicky Cusworth says she does not expect any discoveries that could derail the development.

“We can never be sure until we get the results but don’t expect anything of that sort,” she said.

She says the results will be peer-reviewed and published in full.

But a Queensland palaeontologist who has carried out recent research at the James Price Point site believes the latest study will show the dinosaur prints and the gas precinct can not co-exist.

Steve Salisbury says the footprints are significant.

“I know the two people who have been invited and they are both well respected dinosaur footprint palaentologists and I am pretty sure that if they’ve seen what we’ve seen up in that area then the Department of State Development and the State Government are in for a bit of a surprise,” he said.

“The current plans require a fairly major marine precinct to be built across the intertidal zone where dinosaur footprints occur.”

“The two are mutually exclusive, you either have one or the other.”

Dinosaur footprints on 'Broome sandstone' extend under beach sand, and pindan cliffs

The only way to study footprints effectively is to excavate beach, cliffs and dunes, following the extent of the Broome sandstone exposed intertidally.

UPDATE:  Save The Kimberley

DINOSAUR footprints near the site of a controversial multi-billion dollar gas hub project in the Kimberley will be examined by Canadian and US experts flown in by the West Australian Government.
So, the WA Government can fly in scientists from overseas at taxpayer expense, but Australian scientist has to ask for donations to continue his survey. Disgusting from our dictator dear leader Premier.

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