Self inflicted rebutting…of own ‘science’

The plot thickens, Dessler brings out a paper in record time to try and rebut Spencer and Braswell 2011. Oh dear! It now looks like it was so rushed, it missed the rebutting and pokes holes in itself. The comments and posts below tell the full story.

Hot off the press: Dessler’s record turnaround time GRL rebuttal paper to Spencer and Braswell

UPDATE: Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. has a comment on the paper here: Comments On The Dessler 2011 GRL Paper “Cloud Variations And The Earth’s Energy Budget also, physicist Lubos Motl has an analysis here. The press release from TAMU/Dessler has been pushed to media outlets on Eurekalert, see update below.

UPDATE2: Dessler has made a video on the paper see it here And Steve McIntyre has his take on it with The stone in Trenberth’s shoe

Tallblokes take on the paper here

This compares with over a year of peer review for Spencer and Braswell 2011, and 2 years for Lindzen and Choi 2011. The warmist scientists are now into desperate measures to keep their modelling ‘Gravy train’ going. Just like ‘pigs in the trough’, their spillage is telling.


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