Climate science…collective meltdown…”thought police are desperate…”

Circling the Wagons.

A major furor has developed over a peer reviewed paper based on observations and satellite data, that shows that most climate models were wrong, exaggerated or missed alternative causes. The resignation of the Editor-in Chief of the Journal in question, Remote Sensing, has sent the science world into a frenzy, and now shows the climate scientists up for what they really have become. These links below say it far better than I could, but this has to be the final scuttling of ‘climate science’.

Comparisons are now being made to the attempted scuttling of Dr Albert Einstein by Germany, because he was a Jew. Richard Black from the BBC complained about the science of Dr Roy Spencer because he is a Christian. The mind boggles…

The science is scuttled: Abraham, Gleick, and Trenberth resort to libeling Spencer and Christy

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I was hoping to have a quiet holiday weekend away from WUWT doing some household chores. Apparently that isn’t in the cards.

Below, I have reposted an essay from Dr. Roger Pielke Senior regarding an opinion piece published in The Daily Climate attacking Dr. John Christy and Dr. Roy Spencer for their ongoing work in satellite based measurement of the Earth’s temperature. Dr. Pielke does an excellent job of summarizing his rebuttal points, and I’ll point out that he’s used some very strong unconventional language in the title of his piece.

One point Dr. Pielke touches on related to an orbital decay correction applied to the UAH satellite measurement comes from his first hand experience, and I urge readers to read it fully to get the history. One line from the op-ed in The Daily Climate bothered me in particular:

Over the years, Spencer and Christy developed a reputation for making serial mistakes that other scientists have been forced to uncover.

This my friends, is breathtaking for its sheer arrogance,  agenda, and the scuttling of the scientific process in one sentence. Continue reading →

Dr Spencer commented here about some of the attacks on the Spencer and Braswell paper, that confirmed the First Law of Thermodynamics. I have many posts connected to Dr Spencer that can be found using the ‘search’ box.

Other posts on the topic in question: BREAKING: Editor-in-chief of Remote Sensing resigns over Spencer & Braswell paper

 The True Story of the Climate Hillbillies

Andrew Montford, from Bishop Hill:

Quote of the day

With a tiny handful of exceptions (Judy, Richard Betts, Hans von Storch, Eduardo Zorita, surely there must be a few more?) the whole of “mainstream” climate science seems to be going into collective meltdown. To ordinary scientists their behaviour just gets more bizarre with every day.

I have worked in all sorts of areas of science, some really quite controversial, and I have never seen this sort of childish throwing of toys out of prams in any other context. I can’t see any solution beyond some proper grown ups getting involved and telling Trenberth and Gleick and friends to sit on the naughty step until they learn how to play nicely. (My Bold)

Jonathan Jones at Climate etc.

Steven Goddard is not too concerned. He says that most editors need to resign, now that a precedent has been set. HEH: The New Standard For Peer Review.

Australia’s own Joanne Nova chimes in: How to go out with a bang — score points for censorship — a poseur for honor! “…Go forth and comment, on news articles and other sites, make sure everyone knows that the Global Warming Thought Police are desperate to stop people talking about the evidence.”…Heh again

More on Green abuse of sceptics.

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  1. Tom Harley says:

    Worse than “Climategate”…from a comment on cartoons by Josh

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