Woodside…still planning on destroying dinosaur footprints

Woodside still haven’t got it. Despite being a sponsor of the WA Museum, they still say the dinosaur footprints at James Price Point are not significant.
Despite the Woodside environmental survey being seriously flawed, and with paleontologists currently surveying the reef, it looks like the plan is to copy their Burrup Peninsular Rock art destruction policy, by suggesting the prints are not worthy of protection.

Resources giant Woodside is gambling on dinosaur footprints on the heritage-listed tidal flats next to its proposed gas hub being deemed unworthy of protection when it submits its development proposal for the $30 billion project. Is this why Woodside’s Hostile Environmental Services teem are shadowing researchers on the reef this week?
Not worthy of protection? Woodside’s ridiculous comments omit the fact, that if the top layer of footprints become eroded through the action of weather and seas, more layers become exposed.
This dinosaur trackway has tens of millions of years worth of footprints exposed, more buried in  sandstone or covered by beach sand, often on a temporary basis, and under the pindan sand along the cliffs.

Surprise, surprise: WOODSIDE Petroleum will be finding alternative arrangements for part of its proposed $30 billion Browse LNG hub after a surprise inclusion in the heritage listing of the west Kimberley. What about an alternative arrangement that moves this gas plant to sites already available in the Pilbara, or floating platforms.

Broome Community says No Gas

UPDATE: ….yet on ABC talkback yesterday with Jeff Hutcheson, Nigel Grazier denies this and says he does not believe what has been said…tch! tch!

Telling lies looks like second nature to these people...

On Tuesday, word had spread quickly that members of Woodside’s hostile security force were on the inter-tidal reefs at James Price Point following, intimidat…

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