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Kimberley Police Chief…or Chief Seattle, a lesson

Rowena Puertollano A traditional elder from Broome sent this. How strong does his words reflect what is going on now in Broome and the similiarity in what he had gone through so long ago. Please listen to what this Chief … Continue reading

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Saving the Kimberley…including the dinosaur trackway

Dr Salisbury is returning to the site this weekend with a crew to continue documenting newly discovered dinosaur footprints near the James Price Point site that Woodside is clearing bush on. The Minister for the Environment is again visiting the … Continue reading

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Crisis in housing costs…coming soon

Buying land in Broome’s new subdivision, Broome North…well, look out for this: Fancy a 25 to 40% rise in house-building costs? One of the results of the Greens taking on the trade union agenda is the coming crisis for independent … Continue reading

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Woodside’s seriously flawed Environmental studies…can’t see, can’t count

…Woodside’s studies on the marine environment off Price’s Point are nothing but a travesty. They have undertaken practices that are not just un-scientific, but possibly Fraudulent, see below. The Land based portion is apparently NO different, after all, they could … Continue reading

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ABC…not just bias, but incompetence too

Conspiracy Theories in the Australian: Not by me though? It’s nice to know Christian Kerr of The Australian reads my site and wants to quote me, but really Christian, where’s the conspiracy? “Science broadcaster turned climate-sceptic blogger and convoy backer, … Continue reading

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Broome Police aiding Woodside’s illegal activities…Broome Community arrested

Direct action halts construction at the James Price Point “Save the Kimberley” Blockade | Indymedia A convoy of Woodside vehicles working on the James Point Price gas hub construction site have been held up for over two days starting … Continue reading

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Proposed alarming ruination of a “Top Tourism Town”, Broome

…Woodside and WA State Government’s alarming aims at James Price Point: The complete devastation of the most significant environmental and cultural part of the Dampier Peninsula. A proposal like this could only be devastating wherever you tried to put it. … Continue reading

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Like peas in a pod…Tyrants together again

Report: Gaddafi Seen On Mugabe’s Private Jet in Zimbabwe In February Zimbabwean tyrant Robert Mugabe reportedly dispatched commandos to protect Gaddafi. There are reports out today that Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has escaped to Zimbabwe. The Daily Mail reported, via … Continue reading

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Brilliant Kimberley photos…from Peter Strain

Peter Strain Uploaded a whole bunch of new Kimberley coast photos at Giant Tides website Giant Tides fine art photography from Australias Kimberley coast Fine art photography from Australia’s Kimberley coast near Broome Australia. Macro photography art by Broome … Continue reading

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Coal use almost 50% higher…temperatures down

From NoTricksZone Global Coal Consumption Jumps Almost 50% – Yet Global Temps Drop! A recently released BP report here shows that global coal consumption has risen over the last 10 years by almost 50%. So wouldn’t you think that all … Continue reading

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